References of our work, results and insights how our Clients are seeing Us.

We are proud to present detailed recommendations of our clients on request.

The G&G Coaching Approach for small- and midsize Clients has been shown to increase profit by more than 68% and scale their value by 9 times.

As Business-/ Management Consultants and Project Managers, we take charge of the Business of our clients; Albert & his team secure the desired results within a distinct time and below the expected budget.

The following excerpts show some Examples of our Work and previews on the insides in the results we achieved.

Growth Initiative & Lean Program: Identifying & Immediate Implementing of Key Measures

Head Physician at Reginal German Health Care Group with three Hospitals (>400 Beds)

Remarkable is Horst Albert Guthmann’s understanding of the different concerns of each group of affected individuals and the sensitivity he shows all stakeholders for their interests while guiding them towards common goals. The program ensured mastering growth of more than 50% with an increase of 10% in personnel while reorganizing the resources.

Quality & Growth Initiative in Education/Healthcare

CEO/ Founder of of Service Provider in Education/Healthcare with 25 employees

Having Albert as a Coach, I experienced immediate relief from my challenges. With his systematic approach, we applied within 3 years one measure after another. This resulted in increased revenues by 40% and EBIT by 360%. Outperforming the KPIs of our industry we drove the valuation of the firm by 9 times.

Integrating IT infrastructure and processes by replacing the core system/ integrating FICO

IT Executive Director at US Bank, Headquarters New York

Mr. Guthmann has a great understanding of our needs, including US-specific regulatory requirements and legislative environment. … He is a passionate leader who is analytical, perceptive, and considerate. Albert accomplished FED approval with 0 findings, in 9 instead of the expected 15 months, introducing lean architecture/ processes in time. 30% under budget.

Unlocking Cost Savings and Profit Potentials

CEO of Outpatient Clinic with 5 Locations on Hawai’i and the Pacifics

“G&G unlocked Cost Savings and Profit Potentials” - Albert analyzed our business and brought lots of valuable ideas. He worked out a business plan with concrete measures while involving key persons. After six weeks 75% of the improvements have already been implemented or are in works.

Implementation of a Strategic Initiative, originally designed by one of the top 3 International Management Consulting firms.

Vice President of Health Care Finance Corp

Mr. Guthmann especially convinces me with a great understanding of quality. He shows a high motivation and a great sense of responsibility …with an enormous strategic overview accompanied by excellent detail work. Mr. Guthmann is a very upright and pleasant person. He enabled the organization to take charge of the transformation resulting in a CIR Reduction of 17%

Growth Initiative – Implementing/ Refining Strategy initially designed by the leading international Top Management Consulting Firm

Board Member of Top 3 Germany-based Financial Group

With his Drive and Enthusiasm, Mr. Guthmann is highly appreciated on expert-/ management- up to C-Level. He shows a unique combination of professional skills, experience, and integrity with an excellent track record.

Set up Service Providers for various Governmental Departments

Executive Director of a Governmental Cooperate Function

Consolidating Corporate Functions including IT to service various State Department including SLA-agreements. Horst Guthmann’s focus is on understanding his clients and their specific requirements, guiding the organization to identify the most efficient solution, presenting it to decision-makers and… solving the business issues of his customers.

Implementation of new Business-/Operation Modell after Cut-over to new Core System

Vice President of leading Omni-Chanel Retail bank

Horst Guthmann understands the Top Management Agenda, shapes pillars of strategic initiatives, and ensures successful implementation

OCM Organizational Change Management in Application Managed Services

IT Executive Director of Insurance Group

Horst Albert Guthmann impresses with his professional competence, way of active listening, and humorous touch. He ensures that complex tasks are understood and appreciated by relevant stakeholders in the senior management. We secured 30% cost savings while increasing our Service Levels for our clients in the most important, mission critical KPIs.

Do these challenges our clients mastered with our help sound familiar to You? Do You like to learn more, about how we solved the challenge and delivered the results? Then we should talk about your situation, and we will give You insides where we faced similar challenges.

We help You with our four-step approach to draft a solution.

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