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We share the insides of our work as Business Coach, Management Consultants and as PMI-certified and agile hybrid-trained Project Managers:

Book - published by Springer Publishing House: Developing Innovative Future Concepts (#GROWTH) and Efficient Implementation (#EBIT)

Insights into the latest findings from our practice and from international research financed by the European Commission resulting in how companies increase #VALUE (#GROWTH) and at the same time increase #EARNINGS (#EBIT).

G&G facilitated the practical part of the project of EU Commission: Being Lean and Seen - Meeting the challenges of delivering projects successfully in the 21st century. The article is representing key insides from this research illustrated on current project example where we helped our clients to soar´:

The practical examples show how innovative future concepts for GROWTH shall be developed successfully and faster. We showcase, how we increase EARNINGS through the implementation project by splitting the project into smaller and more easily digestible chunks for all stakeholders of the client and his customers. We illustrate how to decide for the best hybrid approach in any given situation how to leverage agile methods in search of innovative solutions (explore mode), ...and drive #EBIT directly in efficiency mode with an exploit approach usingpreditive top-down specifications and collection via waterfall.

Interview with Horst Albert Guthmann: Successful Transformations - What it takes - How to secure success with Stakeholders.

How do you secure successful transformations? By aligning goals, methods, and processes and involving stakeholders.

Learn from project examples how to make immediate, measurable progress and create sustainable value, leveraging structural and cultural change. The project examples demonstrate how our hybrid approach uses the advantages of agile and classic methods and secure a steady stream of deliverable, measurable results.

Interview with Horst Albert Guthmann: Cultural Change - How to use Change Management to Move the Culture.

Key for harvesting the potential of any Transition and for sustainable Success in Change Management Transformations and their Success are not only depending on whether the Stakeholders can but whether they really want the change. Therefore besides structural measures, a systematic approach to creating and implementing cultural measures is key for harvesting the potential of any Transition and for sustainable Success.

Forbes Magazin statet already in 2020 that we are Moving From The Information Age To The Collaboration Age. At G&G Growing Good we strictly believe in Collaboration with our Clients and as an Organisation ourself. We collaborte in our fields of services with Experts of the leading networks in their fields. We are member of PMI International and work activitly in the local Honolulu / Hawai'i chapter. We collaborate within a network of leading Coaches of the US and Canada to secure the latest technology standards, to stay on top of the latest industry trends, tool, methods and the most challenging tasks and latest achievements.

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